CAPACCIO was retained by a global pharmaceutical company dedicated to the treatment of disease and world health needs, to complete an environmental, health and safety compliance audit in the areas of electrical safety (including NFPA 70E), Hazard Communication, Water, Stormwater and SPCC. CAPACCIO also conducted an environmental, health and safety systems conformance audit in the areas of management of change and internal audits, and an audit of conformance to corporate guidelines in the areas of groundwater and surface water, water conservation, and management of change. The audit was conducted at four of the client’s eastern North American facilities, encompassing over 4,500,000 million square feet of laboratory and supporting office space.

CAPACCIO completed a pre-audit review of information made available by the client. CAPACCIO subsequently completed audit site visits to observe plant operations, gather facility information, review documents and records of the facility, interview key operating management and staff on facility practices and procedures within the audit scope, and conduct team meetings and closing conferences to present a verbal discussion of audit team findings. CAPACCIO’s findings and recommendations resulting from the assessments were provided to the client and consistent with the client’s audit program and categorized according to a priority ranking system.

As a result of the findings and recommendations provided by CAPACCIO in the audit report, the company was able to correct major discrepancies noted between their stated policies and the conditions in their facilities. Major findings were related to management of change, internal audits, and electrical safety.


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