The client, a top tier supplier to the life science industry, was required by the MWRA to install a final effluent flow meter and monitoring station for its wastewater treatment facility. CAPACCIO was invited to review a conceptual installation location identified by the client, which would require the installation of a 10 foot deep metering manhole. Due to site restrictions, the location identified for the manhole was in a small paved area between the building foundation and electrical transformers for the entire facility. In addition, the location of the excavation would require wetland permitting, which would extend the project schedule.

Upon reviewing the site conditions, CAPACCIO identified a pipe trench near the treatment system and suggested that the meter be installed in the trench. In doing so, a costly subsurface excavation and wetland permitting were no longer required. CAPACCIO prepared a design build contract for the project and teamed with another firm for the meter installation.

The client saved several months by avoiding wetland permitting and the complicated excavation that would have to be involved around the electrical utilities. More importantly, CAPACCIO saved the client nearly $50,000 in construction costs.


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