CAPACCIO completed environmental regulatory compliance and environmental management systems evaluation audits for eight client sites including two in Massachusetts, two in California, one in North Carolina, one in Ireland and two in the Philippines. Prior to the audits, CAPACCIO reviewed information provided by the client for each site including general facility information, chemical usage, a list of current permits, available documentation describing environmental management system structure, and other pertinent information. CAPACCIO auditors conducted a review of applicable Federal/State/Local regulatory requirements.

During the site visits, the auditors evaluated environmental regulatory compliance and met with site management and environmental staff to review the scope of the audit and discuss the approach. A tour of each facility was conducted and auditors completed a review of facility environmental regulatory compliance in the areas of air, hazardous waste, water/wastewater, and pollution prevention. The auditors also reviewed representative environmental records and program documentation. At the end of each audit site visit, a closing conference was held with appropriate management and/or environmental staff to provide a verbal summary of findings and recommendations.

Based on the pre-audit information and site visit findings, CAPACCIO prepared a written report for corporate management personnel which included an executive summary of the audit process and tables of findings and recommended corrective actions.

Two years later, CAPACCIO repeated these environmental compliance verification audits for each of the nine client sites. CAPACCIO auditors verified that the corrective and preventive actions from the previous audits had been implemented and confirmed that these actions had been effective in maintaining environmental compliance.


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