CAPACCIO was hired by the client to conduct a wastewater treatment system evaluation of its existing micro-filtration (MEMTEK) wastewater treatment system for a Massachusetts-based facility. The client was in the process of adding new wet operations and expanding existing operations to discharge to the existing micro-filtration system and requested a review be conducted to determine if the existing wastewater treatment system was capable of handling the additional flow and pollutant loading.

CAPACCIO reviewed a process equipment matrix prepared by the client including existing and proposed operations to identify wet process operations and to quantify those operations discharging to the micro-filtration system. CAPACCIO also reviewed the existing conditions plans for the micro-filtration system, the system operating records, the operations, and interviewed wastewater treatment operators responsible for the micro-filtration plant.

CAPACCIO’s experience with wastewater generated from the semiconductor industry and knowledge of filtration techniques, provided the client with a highly qualified team of wastewater experts to evaluate the existing system. CAPACCIO determined that the existing micro-filtration system was operating at maximum capacity during the peak production hours, but not during the off-peak hours. CAPACCIO recommended that the existing wastewater collection system infrastructure be upgraded to include additional equalization storage which could attenuate peak hour flows for treatment during off-peak wastewater treatment hours. This recommendation avoided the capital investment in additional micro-filtration capacity and incorporated less capital intensive wastewater storage and pumping equipment.


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