CAPACCIO assisted this client, a designer of packaging for a major fast-food retailer, to create an ISO 14001 framework with which to incorporate and organize sustainable packaging elements. In an effort to be more environmental and sustainable, the client had already increased the recycled content in its packaging, re-engineered the coating on the containers, as well as ensured the packaging to be more recyclable at disposal. These efforts, along with others, were not documented in any type of system by the company.

CAPACCIO began the project by documenting current practices and conducting a gap analysis to the ISO 14001 guideline. The gap analysis discovered that environmental and sustainable aspects and impacts were not being fully addressed. Identifying environmental aspects involved evaluating how the client’s activities, products, and services affect the environment. Environmental impacts caused by the businesses environmental aspects can be negative or positive, and lead to direct or indirect environmental change.

To educate the client on Aspect and Impacts, CAPACCIO provided executives with a high-level, big picture presentation on ISO 14001 and on Aspects and Impacts. This training also guided the client on how Aspects and Impacts can be rolled into the ISO 14001 framework. The training prompted them to select sustainability and environmental impacts and rank them based on importance. Only significant aspects that the company can actually influence or control need to be addressed. The most important ones were turned into a list of objectives and targets and sustainability goals. These environmental and sustainable objectives and goals were then rolled into a sustainable packaging management system.

CAPACCIO conducted an internal audit following the documentation of environmental aspects, impacts, goals and other internal processes related to the sustainable packaging management system. The internal audit was designed to be an objective systematic evidence gathering process to evaluate how well the management system met the ISO 14011 guidelines and documents actual practices; in other words, do they “say what they do and do what they say”? CAPACCIO helped the client in creating, documenting, and evaluating a sustainable packaging management system of interrelated elements, including the activities, processes, practices, procedures, objectives, responsibilities, and resources related to the business impacts on the environment.


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