CAPACCIO conducted third-party inspection services of underground storage tanks at a major area healthcare facility. CAPACCIO obtained a list of required records including records of tank installation and maintenance; records of monitoring equipment repairs, calibration, and maintenance; records of tank testing and calibration; operation and maintenance manuals for tank monitoring equipment; copies of local, state and federal permits for tank installation and operation; standard operating procedures for tank repairs, maintenance, and emergency conditions; records of any prior releases related to each tank.

After receiving and reviewing the tank information, CAPACCIO conducted a site visit to the facility to perform the third party inspection for one 2,500 gallon fuel oil UST listed on the Department of Fire Services (DFS) tank database as well as inspected a tank and related piping in accordance with 527 CMR 9.07(P) “Third Party Inspections for Underground Storage Tanks” utilizing inspection forms approved by and provided by the DFS. CAPACCIO submitted the required forms to the Fire Marshal within 14 business days of the inspection as required by the regulations.


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