MWRA industrial user permits require routine discharge monitoring and reporting as well as permit renewals. These can be time consuming, and, if improperly completed, may result in noncompliance situations. In addition, permit limit excursions occasionally occur that require immediate attention and communication with the MWRA to avoid penalties.

For several research-based hospitals and institutions in the MWRA system, CAPACCIO provides permit compliance assistance services. These services include tracking permit requirements, coordinating discharge monitoring and sampling, reviewing laboratory analytical data, preparing discharge monitoring reports and preparing permit renewal applications.

In the event of a permit excursion, CAPACCIO will alert the hospital contact, and after discussion of the potential causes for the excursion, communicate with the MWRA regarding the excursion, respond to notices of noncompliance (NON) from the MWRA, and assist in negotiating with the MWRA.

Based on CAPACCIO’s experience in preparing permit renewals and our familiarity with MWRA regulations, our clients receive efficient and effective compliance support services.


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