CAPACCIO provided general consulting assistance relative to the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for this client.

CAPACCIO completed a review of existing systems and documentation to identify the existing status and tasks necessary to complete development and implementation of an EMS that conforms with both the requirements of ISO 14001 and the client’s internal needs. Based on this review, CAPACCIO prepared an implementation schedule and then issued weekly status reports documenting activities to-date and remaining activities.

CAPACCIO updated existing documentation as well as prepared new documents relative to the client’s EMS to ensure conformance with the ISO 14001 standard including addressing both the components of the standard, as well as appropriate linkage of components to ensure an effectively functioning system that builds continual improvement through successive iterations of the ISO 14001 system cycle. CAPACCIO integrated appropriate existing systems with the client’s EMS (quality, facilities, environmental, health and safety).

CAPACCIO also completed other tasks including: development of environmental aspects / impacts process and documentation; documenting procedures for identifying and keeping current and compliant with environmental legal and other requirements; assisting with development and documentation of environmental objectives and measurable targets; integrating emergency preparedness systems and procedures into EMS; integrating pertinent equipment calibration and monitoring operations into EMS; assisting with development or modification of standard operating procedures impacting or pertaining to environmental areas (e.g., pollution abatement systems); integrating appropriate preventive maintenance into EMS, developing and implementing employee awareness training and communication relative to ISO14001, Environmental Policy, EMS, and Employee Roles and Responsibilities relative to the client’s EMS; integrating environmental training management process into EMS; integrating environmental recordkeeping processes into EMS; developing and implementing EMS audits; corrective action process (integrate with existing systems where applicable); management review systems; and miscellaneous other tasks related to the development and implementation of the EMS.


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