The client was experiencing odors from unknown sources that were causing employee discomfort and complaints. To demonstrate management’s commitment to employee health and safety, the client hired CAPACCIO to address and resolve these indoor air quality issues.

CAPACCIO conducted a site visit including a tour of the area where complaints of odor were reported and other areas of the facility as determined by the investigator and facility personnel. Interviews were conducted with selected employees to identify possible odor sources.

CAPACCIO deployed two SUMMA canisters in two separate areas where the odor was detected. The SUMMA canisters collected air samples over a 24-hour period and were analyzed using EPA Method TO-15. This method documents sampling and analytical procedures for the measurement of the 97 known volatile organic compounds (VOC). The method can also be used to identify unknown VOC’s using a reference library of over 100,000 compounds. Once the lab analysis data was completed, CAPACCIO conducted a review and provided a report summarizing the analytical results and possible recommendations from our Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

CAPACCIO provided the additional EH&S follow up necessary to further the investigation of the Indoor Air Quality issue, including follow-up investigation and / or meetings to review findings and recommendations.


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