CAPACCIO prepared existing condition facility plans as required by the MassDEP and reviewed the industrial wastewater pretreatment system (IWPS) at the client’s facility. CAPACCIO’S review compared the existing system configuration and equipment against the regulatory requirements and Design Construction Standards for IWPS. CAPACCIO prepared a draft process flow diagram for the IWPS presenting existing conditions and depicting system improvements and / or upgrades needed to meet the regulatory design and construction requirements. CAPACCIO prepared a final process flow diagram for the IWPS that was stamped and signed by a Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer (PE).

CAPACCIO prepared a System Grading Report for the industrial wastewater pretreatment system (IWPS) on behalf of the client for submittal to MassDEP. The Grading Report was prepared in accordance with 314 CMR 7.05,g,(4),e and 257 CMR 2.00 and included a system process-flow schematic, process description, list of chemicals used, and anticipated wastewater characteristics and effluent quality.

CAPACCIO prepared and submitted an “Application for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator – Upgrade to Emergency Certification” and cover letter to request emergency certification approval for system operators from the Board of Certification of Operators of Wastewater Treatment Facilities (the BOARD). Upon receipt of emergency certification approval by the MassDEP, CAPACCIO prepared an Operator Staffing Plan on behalf of the client for submittal to MassDEP. The Operator Staffing Plan included information pertaining to IWPS system operator requirements, staff responsibilities, and emergency coverage.

CAPACCIO updated the existing operations and maintenance (O&M) manual, as provided by the client and included the staffing plan. CAPACCIO conducted a site visit to meet with wastewater treatment operators and reviewed the existing IWPS operations against the current O&M manual and the regulatory requirements. CAPACCIO updated the existing O&M manual to reflect current operation and maintenance activities and included IWPS system modifications, operational changes, and equipment changes made since the issuance of the existing O&M. CAPACCIO provided the client with a draft updated O&M Plan for review and comment. CAPACCIO finalized and issued printed and electronic copies of the updated O&M Plan.


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