The client was relocating operations from one facility to another facility. The operations in the previous facility generated industrial wastewater, however because the facility was on septic, the wastewater streams were currently evaporated. The client wished to tie into the new facility’s sewer system, however, due to time constraints related to construction, they continued to utilize the evaporator at the new facility while pursuing a wastewater discharge permit from the Town.

In preparing the wastewater discharge permit application, it was necessary to provide the municipality with wastewater characteristics and flow estimates including wastewater quality and quantity estimates. This required the collection of process and chemical information, water use information, evaporator records, and hazardous waste disposal records from NEPG. According to the client, wastewater sampling had been conducted in the past to characterize various wastewater streams in accordance with the hazardous waste regulations. It was anticipated that a certain amount of this information could be utilized in the permit application process for the facility. However, there may be the need to collect additional sampling information in accordance with the Town of Franklin sewer use ordinance and requirements.

CAPACCIO conducted a site visit to review current wet process operations generating wastewater, as well as current wastewater treatment system operations, such as the evaporator. The review estimated the quantity and quality of process wastewater generated at the facility and the effectiveness of existing wastewater treatment systems. Based on this information, CAPACCIO prepared a process flow diagram indicating wet process operations, estimated flows, and anticipated discharge parameters. The client was responsible for providing process information including production data, raw material use, material safety data sheets (MSDSs), wastewater treatment logs, standard operating procedures related to wet process operations, and water meter reading records.

CAPACCIO developed a flow balance based on available information, engineering estimates, and process information provided by the client. The flow balance was developed using a spreadsheet format where certain predetermined variables could be modified to model flows and balance operations based on incoming water records and final effluent metering records. The flow balance was reviewed by client representatives familiar with wet process operations and calibrated based on feedback received from these various sources.

CAPACCIO prepared an Industrial Sewer Use Discharge Permit Application on behalf of the client for submittal to the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Attachments and appendices were incorporated with the application as needed in order to communicate project scope. The completed application was delivered to the POTW and a copy to the local Sewer Department following review and approval by the client.


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