Based on applicable MassDEP rideshare regulations and reporting forms, CAPACCIO prepared an Employee Commuter Survey including questions on current commute patterns, shift schedules, transportation methods, awareness of offered commuter services, obstacles and motivations for using alternative transportation modes (i.e., carpooling, van pooling), and interest in using alternative transportation.

A web-based version of the survey was also developed and made available on CAPACCIO’s website for employees to access and complete. CAPACCIO provided the client with a private web address and hard copies of the survey for employees who did not have computer or Internet access. The results from the web-based survey forms were stored into a Microsoft ® Access formatted database (hosted on CAPACCIO’s website) and all completed hard-copy versions of the forms were also entered into the same database.

Once all the survey entries were complete, CAPACCIO compiled and analyzed the recorded data. CAPACCIO also prepared the Rideshare Reporting Package using the analyzed data from the survey and delivered a report containing graphs and explanation of final survey findings to the client.


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