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CAPACCIO managed a facility decommissioning project for a major biomedical research organization that was relocating from Boston to Cambridge, Massachusetts. To meet its lease termination requirements, the facility had to be completely vacated, cleaned, decontaminated, and certified as clean and free of chemical, biological, and radiological contamination.

The project was challenging as the move needed to be done within a small window of time and business operations would need to be suspended. The client was also facing difficult deadlines and schedules for moving all personnel, equipment, records, and supplies to their new location, which was still under construction.

As the client did not have the experience or personnel available to manage the project from start to finish, they contracted with CAPACCIO to efficiently drive the project through the decontamination and testing phases and ensure it met the requirements in the “Lease Decommissioning Responsibilities” agreement with the landlord.

Specifically, the project scope included:

  • Developing a written cleaning and decontamination plan specific to the past and present operations conducted at the facility;
  • Preparing a request for proposal for cleaning and decontamination services and assisting the client with the bid reviews and final selection of a contractor;
  • Providing project management and oversight throughout the cleaning and decontamination phase of the project;
  • Collecting pre- and post-cleaning surface and air samples to determine the efficacy of the cleaning conducted by the contractor;
  • Performing an ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and written report.

At the conclusion of the project, CAPACCIO provided a final written “Decommissioning and Decontamination Report” certifying the entire facility including all biology laboratories, storage and supply rooms, mechanical rooms, wastewater pretreatment locations, chemical storage and use areas, and hazardous waste storage locations were clean and free of chemical and biological materials, and that they had been properly decontaminated and cleaned.

CAPACCIO completed the entire decommissioning of the facility by the project deadline. CAPACCIO made this effort possible by delivering an on-site EH&S professional to assist “on the ground” so the client could meet its tight relocation schedule and lease responsibilities. CAPACCIO also provided continuous proactive communication on the decommissioning progress so all parties involved could have successful buy-in and ensure the decommissioning process could be further expedited.

CAPACCIO’s on-site expert coupled with our extensive decommissioning knowledge, site assessment, on-site management capabilities, and our focus on research and development laboratories, were all values the client received by working with CAPACCIO. CAPACCIO’s Certified Industrial Hygienist also acted as project manager throughout the project to avoid any last minute issues and ensure the schedule stayed on track and certified the final report.


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