Major University

On-site EH&S Assistance

A CAPACCIO EH&S professional was hired by this University to fill in while one of their staff was on a medical leave. For a period of six-months, our EH&S professional worked one eight-hour day per week to assist the EH&S department by working closely with the EH&S staff on site.

While working on-site, CAPACCIO became familiar with the University’s EH&S policies and approaches to regulatory compliance. Through this collaboration, CAPACCIO developed a new Building Manager Handbook—a guide for University building managers to reference for EH&S information and responsibilities.  CAPACCIO revised an older version of the Building Manager Handbook, altering information based on our knowledge of EH&S regulations and the client’s EH&S programs.

The process of developing this handbook involved regular check-ins with the Director of EH&S, and meeting with other EH&S team members to gather information about how building manager duties relate to their specific division of EH&S. Since buildings at the University ranged from residential (dormitories) to retail (client-owned buildings that were leased to commercial renters) to laboratory (research facilities), the handbook required a broad scope and detailed content. CAPACCIO designed the handbook so that the information and language within it pertained specifically to a facilities/building manager and the messages that the EHS department wanted to convey. 

Some topics in the handbook included: air emissions, wastewater, indoor air quality, confined spaces, electrical safety, and crane/hoist safety.  CAPACCIO also prepared trifold pamphlets containing fire emergency procedures for various buildings on its campuses. This task involved gathering emergency contact information and developing evacuation maps for the buildings. On a separate project, CAPACCIO also revised and updated 14 EH&S training modules for a variety of job positions to make them more effective and applicable to its personnel.

Secondary School

On-Site Environmental Services

For several years, CAPACCIO has assisted a private secondary school with the development and maintenance of its environmental management program (EMP) for two Massachusetts sites. This on-site assistance includes a six-hour site visit once each month.

As part of the program, CAPACCIO helped the school to create an environmental calendar and permits list for each site, and advised personnel of any upcoming requirements. During the site visits, CAPACCIO assists with the implementation of the environmental program requirements and maintains the environmental compliance calendar and permits list, the hazardous waste manifests, and the management review and routine compliance reviews of both campuses.

State University

General Ongoing Consulting

Since 2002, CAPACCIO has been providing environmental consulting services for this state university. Initial services focused on reviewing the hazardous waste storage areas on campus and assisting in the determination of whether they were in compliance with the Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Regulations (310 CMR 30.000). 

As time went on, on an as-requested basis, assistance to the client grew to include engineering and environmental, health and safety consulting services including hazardous waste management; wastewater treatment; air pollution control; stormwater management, NPDES permitting assistance; environmental compliance auditing; occupational health and safety; licensed site professional services; miscellaneous environmental licensing and permitting; and other environmental services.

Private Massachusetts College

On-site Construction Safety and EH&S Services

CAPACCIO assists this Private College with on-site Construction Safety oversight and general EH&S services.  On an ongoing basis, CAPACCIO conducts two site visits per week to observe construction projects in all phases from design to final punch list.  Our on-site services include:

  • performing safety inspections on all types of construction projects
  • participating in design review meetings of new projects
  • meeting  with Construction Managers to review weekly schedules and attending weekly
  • construction job meetings
  • reviewing Contractor and Subcontractor safety plans for a particular task
  • reviewing dust and noise control plans of occupied buildings
  • assisting EH&S staff with complaint follow-up from occupants in adjacent spaces to the construction zone
  • conducting pre-job surveys with Project Team and Contractors to understand the intent of the project and identify potential safety items that the project team needs to consider

In addition to the Construction Safety Services, we also assist the EH&S Department with verifying that the proper steps have been taken to contain any Haz-Mat related materials within the work zone.   CAPACCIO also provides on-site assistance for the client’s environmental compliance program, which includes such tasks as:

  • tracking legal requirements and environmental compliance activities
  • assisting with compliance activities
  • keeping environmental compliance records
  • and assisting with tasks as requested by the client.


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