Major Private College

SPCC Plans

CAPACCIO prepared a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for the main campus of a large private college in Massachusetts. The campus occupies 116.4 acres of land including 98 buildings that provide residential, teaching, administrative, research, recreation, dining, and facility services. The SPCC Plan included measures for over 39 aboveground storage tanks, 35 hydraulic elevators, and 24 transformers.

CAPACCIO tabularized the sources of oil storage as well as the spill prevention, control and countermeasures to be implemented in the event of a spill to streamline the management of numerous oil storage locations. The final SPCC Plan created by CAPACCIO was a streamlined, user-friendly document.

During the latest revision, CAPACCIO expanded the plan for the main campus and included two more of the college’s campuses. Upon completion of updates, CAPACCIO provided the required professional engineer’s certification and trained personnel responsible for the handling and storage of oil on the plan information and requirements.

Secondary School

SPCC Plans

For a Massachusetts secondary school’s two campuses, CAPACCIO prepared two SPCC Plans. Each plan identified the oil storage locations, potential path of flow, and response measures. Several storage locations required the construction of a containment structures. For each location, CAPACCIO provided a conceptual design drawing for containment, which was used by the school to contract a mason to construct the containment. Once the school completed the capital upgrades necessary to meet the regulatory requirements, each SPCC Plan was certified by a CAPACCIO registered professional engineer. CAPACCIO’s experience in preparing SPCC Plans for educational facilities, our registered professional engineer’s experience in preparing SPCC pPans, and our knowledge designing containment structures and preparing practical alternative measures to secondary containment requirements, were all assets to this project.


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