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The client had existing EH&S training modules which it desired to be revised to make more effective and applicable to its personnel. CAPACCIO revised and updated 14 EH&S training modules to focus on the tasks involved in a variety of job positions to make it more effective with the personnel. CAPACCIO participate in a kickoff project meeting with client’s EH&S staff to discuss the scope and objectives and to review existing materials and the initial changes desired of the program. CAPACCIO then created a series of modules, all with the same look and feel, and also provided the narratives and the recorded narration in an Adobe Captivate file format for each. CAPACCIO also came up with a method to ensure the employees were properly trained and understood the material which included developing quizzes with a method of tracking successful completion based on quiz scores. The first program CAPACCIO developed was geared toward all new employees, who were required to have safety training.


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