In the spring of 2009, CAPACCIO conducted an environmental audit of two of this clients Kansas sites. The goal of the audit was to evaluate the current conditions at the Kansas site and assist the client with the development of a permits list and a hazardous waste management program. Upon completion of the audit, the permits list and hazardous waste management programs were developed and are currently in use by the client to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

In addition to the environmental audit, CAPACCIO assisted the client with the development of a Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for the two phases of the project. The SPCC Plan is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if a facility has over 1,320 gallons of aboveground oil storage or 42,000 gallons of underground oil storage and has the potential for a spill to reach navigable waters of the United States. Both Phase I and II exceeded the 1,320 gallons of aboveground oil storage and three main waterways were identified spanning both phases. As such, CAPACCIO prepared SPCC Plans for both phases to meet the EPA requirements and the Kansas requirements pertaining to oil storage and oil spill reporting.


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