Are you up-to-date with all of your Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and management goals? Could you use additional EH&S assistance but cannot commit to adding another person to your payroll? Did you know that having compliant EH&S programs will lead to fewer incidents, increased productivity, and improved employee morale?

Given the wide and varied amount of EH&S regulations, it is critical that your EH&S policies, programs, procedures, and practices are reviewed and updated frequently to ensure continuous compliance. Staying up-to-date with new and changing regulations can be an overwhelming task, and non-compliance can be costly. CAPACCIO’s Environmental Management Program (EMP) on-site assistance can be your solution.

Our EMP can complement existing staff or be used to alleviate temporary or long-term workloads. Our on-site solutions are a great way to get expertise when you need it without paying a full time salary and benefits. Whether it is one day a week, five days a week, or one day a month, our EH&S professionals can fill gaps resulting from maternity/sick leave, vacation/holiday periods, overseas assignments or employee transition periods. There may also be construction, renovation or decommissioning projects where an extra hand or additional expertise is needed; or you may choose to use our solutions just to get your company up to date with its compliance needs.

Our EH&S staff members have experience working as environmental managers and facilities personnel and possess a wide variety of skills and experience levels to suit any budget. Our staff has worked in many industry sectors including electronics and semiconductors, food, manufacturing, healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and colleges and universities. Additionally, our people are backed up by CAPACCIO’s entire team of experts to provide additional support and guidance in all disciplines when needed.

On Site EMP

CAPACCIO's environmental, health and safety on-site solutions include:

  • Compliance maintenance program
  • Regularly scheduled site visits
  • Environmental Management System documentation
  • EH&S management system (ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) program development, implementation and documentation
  • Data and record management systems
  • Facility compliance calendar
  • Facility permit summary and action list
  • Continuous assessment of impact of new regulations on your facility
  • Planning to minimize regulatory requirements
  • On-call emergency Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services in case of spills
  • Assisting existing EH&S management staff with implementation of programs
  • Hazardous waste manifest, chemical inventory and MSDS record management systems
  • EH&S training
  • Continuous assessment of the impact of new regulations on your facility


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