The core concept of management systems is risk mitigation. This consists of recognizing EH&S risks, prioritizing those risks, taking action to minimize them, and ultimately enhancing EH&S performance. Two common management systems that apply planning, implementation, and continual improvement include Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Health Safety Management Systems (HSMS).

An EMS is recognized as an effective means to achieve compliance and reduce negative impacts on the environment. It builds upon, and/or enhances, existing procedures to realize the greatest value of all your environmental compliance efforts.

Having the right tools to manage a holistic management system enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. It ensures that your organization is on track and can demonstrate its enhanced EH&S performance. Developed in-house to address these complexities of a successful management system is the EHS Dashboard, which can be part of your management systems solution. No matter what tool or approach is adopted this ensures accuracy and transparency of your system and associated data, allowing for real progress to be made towards continually improving EH&S performance.

CAPACCIO provides ISO/Integrated Management System assistance to Facilities, Environmental, Quality, and Health and Safety Managers with the goal of achieving a registered system. From the development and implementation of these programs, to the audit and achieving the certification, CAPACCIO's certified Exemplar Global Provisional Auditors have hands-on experience and will guide you through the entire process. We also provide information on what to expect during the audit process and how to successfully plan and strategize to become ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 certified.

Management Systems

CAPACCIO's management systems solutions include:

  • System integration: QMS, EMS, and/or HSMS
  • Strategic planning: EMS and HSMS
  • System gap analysis: ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • Process mapping
  • Implementation facilitation
  • ISO 14001/ISO 45001 pre-assessment
  • EMS and HSMS manual development/review
  • EMS and HSMS supporting documentation development/review
  • Internal audit program development and implementation
  • Regulatory incentives analysis
  • Compliance and system audits
  • Evaluation and selection of registrars
  • Training: on-site system and element based; computer based interactive training; awareness and internal auditor


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