CAPACCIO’s Information Technology (IT) staff constantly strives to stay current by developing innovative tools and technologies to assist our clients. For several years, we have been offering standard and customized Computer-Based Environmental Training (CBET) as a cost-effective alternate to live training. This has lead to the research and design of other technological tools to assist in our clients' environmental tasks. From website development to delivering company-wide on-line surveys, to Microsoft Access database design services, we offer innovative products to guide your organization through the 21st Century.

EH&S Products

CAPACCIO's EH&S products include:

  • EHS-Dashboard™ - Data Management Software
    CAPACCIO has developed a subscription-based EH&S data management system enabling you to achieve your goals by spending less time on data collection, verification and analysis and more time on implementing EH&S programs.

  • Computer-Based Environmental Training (CBET)
    In response to our client's needs for flexible and effective delivery of environmental training, CAPACCIO has developed a series of interactive computer-based environmental training courses. For a list of CBET offerings, please visit our training services section.

  • Chemical Tracking for Reporting Requirements
    CAPACCIO has developed a customized Microsoft ® ACCESS database application to assist our clients in tracking chemical usages and generating necessary reports to help with reporting / permitting needs. Multiple easy to use forms are available for entering material use data, maintaining Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) data (i.e., constituents, density) and generating customized reports.Customized reports are designed based on the company’s reporting requirements (i.e., monthly chemical usage; VOC emissions on a daily, monthly and rolling 12-month basis; usage of chemicals pertaining to Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) List of Lists; or CFATS Chemicals of Interest).

  • EH&S Website and Survey Development Assistance
    Are you communicating your accomplishments effectively to your customers, investors and other important stakeholders? Do you need to post your Environmental, Health and Safety policy on your Intranet and don't know where to begin? Do you require a survey of all your employees for reporting purposes? CAPACCIO can help. In today's electronic world, we are assisting clients in using quick and efficient ways to spread your environmental, health and safety news via email, Internets and Intranets. Our experienced staff can assist with developing web pages, electronic forms, electronic newsletters or reports, online surveys, or creating an entire EH&S section on your Intranet (internal web) or Internet (external web).

  • Games
    Looking for a new tool to use during a training session? We have developed an Enviro Spin Game and Hazardous Waste Management Game to help engage students during live training classes. You may purchase one of these or we can create your own custom training game. The sky’s the limit!


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